Monthly review for our Partners (February 2022)

Warsaw, 4th March 2022  

Dear Investors and Friends of EAAS,

I am delighted to share with you our status of work. February was another intense month for us. First of all, we welcomed new six new experts among our advisors. Adria L. Dunn, Wojciech Podobas, Alexandra Cohler, Nick Spanos, Choi Nam-Hyun, Gina Kim-Park joined our international team and strengthened the capability of EAAS in terms of family office management, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. The full list of our advisors consists of 18 professionals, and we are still working on expanding it, as well as strengthening the core team. We have started the search for a project manager who will be responsible for the production, documentation, and certification of the green box device. In February, we also hired new people to our marketing team. 

Subsequently, completed tasks include finishing a new website that is already available. We have started preparing our whitepaper, which will replace the litepaper and describe the business model as well as technological issues related to our EAAS token.

In February, EAAS participated in two important events. The first one was the CryptoVerse Expo conference in Warsaw, where EAAS presented its mission and goals. Together with Mat Sławiński — CFO, and Anna Weber — CMO of EAAS, we explained the idea and the tokenomy, as well as business and marketing plans. After the presentation, several VC members and fund representatives booked individual meetings with our management. We have also spoken to stakeholders and the media. The Polish community has given us a warm welcome. Our next stop was Dubai, where we took part in the Superverse conference. We had several meetings there, checking the possibilities of project development in the NFT area. We also did a little reconnaissance of what is happening on the market. We were also looking for new partners to cooperate with to further EAAS development.

Another very intense month is ahead of us. We are developing many key projects at the same time. Round B of the private sale, which started on the 28th of February, is underway. At the beginning of March, we will also publish a new tokenomy. We will begin the cooperation with the PR & communication agency from the US on a similar date, which will be responsible for servicing our IDO (initial DEX offering). But most importantly, March will be the month of the NFT sales launch!

On Monday, 7th of March, we are organizing another Smart Impact Series by EAAS event in Dubai. It is another meeting from the series of the VIP events — part of EAAS advocacy program on the importance of sustainability, impact investment, blockchain and green energy. The first of the series that EAAS has hosted globally was held in Miami during the BTC Conference in January 2022 in Cipriani Downtown Miami. We are looking forward to seeing and hosting you in Dubai this time!

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With warm regards,

Greg Krzeszowski, CEO and founder of EAAS Global