EAAS in Dubai

One of the most intense weeks in recent months is behind us. EAAS team went to Dubai to participate in important events for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We started our adventure on the 7th of March by organizing our 3rd Smart Impact Series by EAAS event in Cipriani.

Smart Impact Series events are part of our advocacy program on the importance of sustainability, impact investment, blockchain, and green energy. EAAS founder and CEO — Greg Krzeszowski, moderated a panel discussion. The topic was: green energy as a new future of equality. We hosted amazing guests — speakers, entrepreneurs, and investors, including Dereck Alexander Jon Hoogenkamp, a CEO/Chairman/MD of several companies — Sanctum Assets, PalmFusion, Yalla Limited & Yalla Properties which takes care of General Management, Interim, M&A Management & Advisor. Michael Healy was also one of our guests. He is a co-founder of Unit, the leading token builder focused on powering the token economy using the Unit Network blockchain. His mission is to solve wealth inequity by providing a more cooperative economy. One of the guests was also Anita Wieja-Caruba, an experienced financial services policymaker, lawyer, and regulator with extensive experience in the UAE, London, and Brussels. She is also an Associate Director at the DFSA. Ralf Glabischnig was another guest we invited, he is an Austrian entrepreneur and investor. He’s actively building a worldwide Blockchain ecosystem focused on Switzerland and Liechtenstein, the famous “Crypto Valley” and the Middle East “Crypto Oasis”. Matthias Mende is a strategist, innovator, consultant, entrepreneur, and investor, and his focus nowadays is to build the World’s first Celebrity & Brand Token Launchpad / Ecosystem). Greg was asking guests, i.a., about blockchain, financial regulations, and the green energy market liberation.

The event was a great success for us, but it was not the end of the day for us. In the evening, we participated in MetaWeek Welcome Party.

MetaWeek was the main conference that took place in Dubai on the 8th — 9th March. EAAS was one of the Gold Sponsors. We had our stand and talked to many inspiring people from all around the world, interested in blockchain and green energy. Moreover, Greg also took part in a discussion panel regarding scaling up sustainable investment through blockchain and AI at #Metaweek Dubai. Greg was joined by H.S.H Princess Alessandra von Bismarck, Vlatko Gigov, CEO of earn.games, and Valerie Hawley, a Director Sorbonne Centre for Artificial Intelligence SCAI. The panel was led by Piers Dunhill Chairman Dunhill Bismarck.

We have ended our business trip to Dubai on the 10th of March, taking part in Crypto Oasis Genesis Night at the Caesars Palace. It was a unique night showcasing insights on game-changing initiatives and cutting-edge partnerships. The event provided us with unprecedented experiences ranging from the unveiling of the Global Pillars project by Sacha Jafri, to art exhibitions from Amrita Sethi, Snowcash, and Elementum, IoT devices by Bownce AG, a VR Museum by Crypto Oasis Metaverse Collection.

We met many interesting people — experts, potential investors, and advisors during the whole time. The international community agreed that blockchain is a real gamechanger. Mixing it up with green energy makes our future brighter and gives hope not only for better business but also for a better world. Our next stop for Smart Impact Series will be Miami- stay tuned and follow us on social media!