EAAS presents a system that will contribute to increasing, producing, organizing, and certifying green energy


EAAS will organize & liberate the green energy market by uniting all players in the market onto our blockchain platform, making the trading of green energy totally transparent, traceable & democratized while affording the opportunity to better forecast and adapt to the fluctuating demands of the grid through IoT devices, AI and data analytics.

EAAS - Game Changer

01 EAAS structures the energy market.

02 EAAS tracks green energy origins.

03 EAAS promotes the acquisition of green energy.

04 EAAS incentivizes investment in the green energy.

Key certification

Digital key ID

Energy audit

Green Key Box

Technology Values


Microgrid peer-to-peer system


End user does not carry the risk of the purchased item not meeting expectations


Green energy can be even more valuable than products themselves



Green energy delivery

Green Key Boxes
- installed at energy developers' sites

Electricity users with EAAS app green certification key

Easy EAAS implementation

Green Key Box

EAAS app

Decentralized peer-2-peer structure


Certification for source of energy

Customer is guaranteed a class of ecology


Staking Utility

EAAS stakers will earn passive income not only from everyday EAAS rewards, but also from weekly airdrops coming from our multi-asset staking feature.


EAAS stakers will have an influence on the crucial aspects of platform development such as staking yield, buyback & burn percentage etc.

Deflationary Tokenomics

EAAS token holders will enjoy decreasing inflation model additionally boosted by buyback & burning mechanism, fueled by transaction fees.


The problems the world is facing and how EAAS will help to solve them:


We are burning fossil fuels at a rate that is drastically accelerating climate change.

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We are developing energy communities on the blockchain where prosumers can trade renewable energy through B2B, B2P and P2P thereby fostering decarbonisation. There will be incentive for the people to become prosumers of green energy.


Energy costs are rising dramatically around the world.

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Renewable energy sources become more & more cheaper (relatively in comparison to fossil fuels) and have less impact on the environment, yet governments around the world are slow to adopt alternative energy sources. Our platform provides everyone with the democratized opportunity to trade in and gain access to renewable energy sources on a decentralized platform that isn't controlled by governments.


There is no way to know if the energy we're currently using is from fossil fuels or renewable sources.

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Our platform offers transparency and traceability that allows you to know exactly where the renewable energy you are buying originates from, and it also monitors the decentralized grid so as to better forecast and adapt to the fluctuating demands of the grid through IoT devices powered by AI and data analytics.


Evan Luthra

Matthew Wise

Katharina Arnold Rokita

Tomasz Smus

Paweł Łaskarzewski

Steven M. Cohen


Greg Krzeszowski

Chief Executive Officer

Sławomir Szczot

Chief Technology Officer

Victor Shpak

Chief Blockchain Architect

Anna Weber

Chief Marketing Manager

Alex Kaskow

Asia Business Coordinator



What is the goal of EAAS.GLOBAL?

EAAS.GLOBAL goal is to certify the energy sources [It will enable all green energy producers, regardless of their scale of operations (e.g., prosumers), to certify the green source energy. Now it’s practically impossible.].

How does it work? Let’s start with an example. There are solar panels on your rooftop, and you’ve also bought a battery to store the energy. One day, there’s a surplus of energy, so you decide that you’d like to sell the energy you’ve collected. It doesn’t matter for you whether you would sell it to a private or public person. Then, the only thing you have to do is to order an EAAS charger, and you will be able to offer charging services.

This is an excellent example of a blockchain technology application. It will enable P2P green energy exchange. It will also make it easy to identify energy sources and measure their actual usage.


What are the business model and activities of EAAS.GLOBAL?

The mission of EAAS is to organize & liberate the green energy market by uniting all players within it onto our blockchain platform, making the trading of green energy certification transparent, traceable & democratized. At the same time, allowing for the opportunity to better forecast and adapt to the grid’s fluctuating demands through IoT devices, AI, and data analytics.

As a client, all you need to do is download the application, which will be available on all major platforms and on the web. In the app, there’s total balance will be displayed in the EAAS token, meaning that the energy you will buy is green, sustainable, ethically sourced, and traceable. You will be provided with a set of options. One of them is that you will be able to see a nearby charger and the source of its energy (e.g., it’s solar energy and it’s certified by EAAS). Then, you will be able to book it (let’s say) 15 minutes in advance. This means you will have time to go to the charger, and your spot will be available. When you arrive at the charger, scan the QR code on it. The energy can be limited by the person who sells the energy (e.g., the person would like to keep some of the energy they produce for themselves, so the limit can be set on how much energy is available for charging).


What is the vision of EAAS.GLOBAL company? What do you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

Our vision is to deliver the service which will facilitate and automate green energy trading and provide better usability & transparency for users.

In 5 years, we plan to be the main blockchain-based framework, which we’ll provide certification standards for all green energy producers, operators, prosumers, and finally, administration & governments.

We aim to unite and connect all the energy production and consumption processes (governments, administration, energy operators, and prosumers) and become a leading green energy certifier and a green energy certificate exchange.


Who created EAAS.GLOBAL?

You can find the full team information on our website https://eaas.global. It’s a team of highly experienced professionals with business backgrounds in cryptocurrency, blockchain, energy, finance, technology, investing, etc.

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